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Every year there are about 250,000 reported cases of PNS trauma surgeries in US, providing an addressable market of $785M for Innerva. The total market opportunity for BioJoin to replace suturing in vascular surgery (including cardiac bypass and aneurysm repair), facial neurorrhaphy, radical prostatectomy, tracheal and intestinal anastomoses is well in excess of another two Billion $/USA/Yr.

To execute on our operational plans for commercialization, technical evangelization, marketing and regulatory pathway clearance, currently requires us to raise capital through a Series A round. Here is our Investor Relations email address, for more information:



  • Fast Path-to-Market: FDA 510(k)

  • Vast Addressable Market ($3B+/Yr/USA)

  • Strong & Broad International Patent Portfolio

  • Disruptive technologies & Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Highly Distinguished Science Advisory Board

  • Experienced & well qualified Management Team

  • Technology Evangelization Phase Started

  • Pilot Market Phase planned 


We are proud of our partnerships:







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