Mission Statement

Ratner BioMedical Inc. is a medical technology company that addresses unmet clinical needs of neurosurgeons, trauma surgeons, urological surgeons, vascular surgeons and their respective patients.  We combine breakthrough research advances in regenerative medicine, biopolymers, neuroscience and nanotechnology into an integrated tissue engineering platform that facilitates improved regeneration of human tissues.

The products that we develop and plan to commercialize will provide clinical benefit by enabling suture-less repair of soft-tissue structures such as nerves, blood vessels, urethra, trachea, tendons and intestines. We also seek to enable highly accelerated regenerative repair of peripheral nerves for treating much longer trauma lengths than is currently possible, thereby supplanting the problematic autologous sural grafts, even for brachial plexus trauma.  Our products will facilitate accelerated autologous tissue repair, providing improved functional recovery and reduced surgical durations through simplified suture-free microsurgeries, resulting in a far superior standard of care.